Our Services

Respite Care

Appropriate, short term, temporary care that is provided to a person who has a developmental disability in order to meet the planned or emergency needs of the person or the family or other direct service provider.

Life Skills

 This service was formerly known as companion services. It includes non-medical care and socialization activities provided to youth on a one-to-one basis or in groups of up to three recipients.  

Personal Supports

Individual assistance with or supervision of essential activities of daily living for self-care, including ambulation, bathing, dressing, eating, grooming, and toileting, and other similar services that are incidental to the care furnished and essential to the health, safety, and welfare of the client if no one else is available to perform those services. 


Residential Habilitation

Supervision and training with the acquisition, retention, or improvement in skills related to activities of daily living, such as personal hygiene skills, homemaking skills, and the social and adaptive skills necessary to enable our residents to reside in and be an active part of the community.

Group Home Facility

A residential facility licensed under this chapter which provides a family living environment including supervision and care necessary to meet the physical, emotional, and social needs of its residents. The capacity of such a facility shall be at least 4 but not more than 15 residents.