How we're Helping

Exceptional Living is an APD licensed group home for adolescences and teens with moderate to severe Developmental Disabilities.  Here at Exceptional living we strive to provide a safe and therapeutic home for children to grow and be nurtured to reach their full potential. 

About Us


Building Meaningful Skills

Everyone deals with stress and anxiety, some of us more than others.  Exceptional Living offers weekly gentle mindfulness yoga and meditation in order to support our clients as a whole; mind body and spirit.  Practicing mindfulness has been proven to help those with mild to severe anxiety, those that suffer from PTSD as well as everyday individuals that deal with daily stressors. 


How are we different?

Not only is Exceptional Living a "green home", meaning we find unique ways to conserve on energy and minimize our carbon footprint. We provide unique vegan meal options for our residents with special dietary needs and preferences.